2021 Ford Bronco

The infotainment.com film crew gets to see and drive a lot of newly released vehicles. We realized it might be cool to get a test drive review as these new vehicles beginning reaching dealerships. So we created the Film Crew Test Drives video blog.

Kym Terry, on of our film crew producers fell in love with the 2021 Ford Bronco from first sight!

When she learned we would be heading out to film a walk around, she was ecstatic.

There’s a backstory as to why she has such an affinity for the Bronco. She learned to drive on an old Ford Bronco. The Bronco also played a role in Kym’s upbringing.

Being from Arkansas, going off-road to get to a fishing or hunting spot was common. Kym has fond memories of home, where the Bronco was part of the fun.

Enjoy as we follow Kym along or her test drive of the 2021 Ford Bronco.