Motors Sion Solar Electric Vehicle

Sono Motors debuted the Sion Solar Electric Car and their planned supporting service offerings.

If you haven't been paying attention to the automobile manufacturing industry—and there's plenty of reasons why you wouldn't, you may have missed the number of new electric vehicle (EV) companies popping up literally across the globe.

Once you realize how many of these EV companies exist, the concept of a crowded market quickly comes to mind. Will any of these companies survive?

Sono Motors believes they have a way to differentiate themselves within the burgeoning EV market. They've designed and built a solar powered EV.

Sono Motors Sion Solar Electric Vehicle Solar Panel Design

The idea began between two friends Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians. Their concern for the environment and a sustainable future, spurred their desire to help create "a world without fossil fuels." One way to improve EVs would be to make them solar powered.

Sono Motors' vision extends beyond just the EV itself, to include a new way of owning and buying a car. The business model envisions the Sion being shared by owners with people they know.

Essentially the Sion has been designed to be a component of those looking to live as sustainably as possible.

What about the vehicle itself?

Sono Motors Sion Solar Electric Vehicle Side View

It seats up to 4, though it might be wise to hold judgement as to whether to use the word comfortably. The interior comes with standard features seen in most modern vehicles; power windows, folding rear seat bench, heated seats and a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen.

The outside has been covered in high-tech solar panel that provides power to the vehicle's onboard battery. Sion can be powered with traditional EV powering stations.

In terms of EV performance, the battery provides about 150 miles in range, with about about 21 miles of range on full solar power. To say the least the numbers are not groundbreaking.

The Sion comes with a mobile app that allows the driver to check vital stats and request service. It also allows the vehicle to be shared with others.

Sion offers an interesting idea with solar technology that might actually be the real story. The company has stated they are near production, but haven't given a timeline for when the Sion will be available for purchase.

Sono Motors Sion Solar Electric Vehicle Rear View