Buying a New or Used Vehicle? Here's How to Save Thousands.

Save money on manufacturer trim packages and still get the features you want most.

Buying a new or used vehicle can be stressful.

The biggest stress often comes to getting what you want for the price you want. The reality of car-buying means the dealer wants to get as much for each vehicle as possible. As the consumer you're looking to save money but get more.

Vehicle manufacturers began using trim levels to help their dealerships. By offering added features as a package, buyers are now forced to either buy a higher-priced trim level, or go without and buy aftermarket later.

Enter We offer OEM interior features individually. That means you can add many of the features you want, without buying an entire trim package.

In the infographic below, we show you how this works and how much money you can actually save. We used the Ram 1500 as an example, but you can run the same calculations on almost any make and model and you'll save money.

Scroll below. Then click the '+' symbol on each tab. You'll see all the money-saving details.

What's Included in Each Price?

Cost to Upgrade

How Much You Can Save...

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