Episode 21:
Mobile Installation Services

Welcome to this episode where we meet our new mobile install manager, Chris Billand. We have a conversation about his origins into automotive upgrades. He talks about his chance meeting with Paul Walker.

Episode 20:
Satellite Session

A Great Session with the GM of OBD Genie, David he shared all about the origins up to current day and exciting future plans. So Join us for this insightful and educating edition of Infotainment Talk Radio.

Latest Episodes

Episode 20:
About OBDGenie

A Great Session with the GM of OBD Genie, David he shared all about the origins up to current day and exciting future plans. So Join us for this insightful and educating edition of Infotainment Talk Radio.

Episode 19:
Satellite Session

It is amazing to realize that satellite technology is not that old and yet we depend on it daily. Location and Observation. Early detection and so much more. Join Doug and Joel as they learn more about how satellites and GPS work.

Season 2

Summer Upgrades Edition

2020 Was one heck of a year. We're all hoping 2021 will be better, and we're looking forward tot he future. We offer up a refreshing look forward to the upcoming product releases for Ram, Jeep, Ford and GM. Join Doug and Joel as they chat about the upcoming kits, only available at Infotainment.com

Episode 17:
About Us Canada Edition

Did you know we have a location in Toronto, Canada? In this episode podcast, our host Joel Webner sits down with our new mobile install manager Chris to discuss what's ahead and how Chris got his start in the installation business.

Episode 16:
Ford SYNC 4 Edition

We learn more about the newest version of Ford's Infotainment client Sync 4. Jesse, Infotainment.com's Master Ford Tech discusses some of the Known updates like wirelesss CarPlay and Android Auto, plus cloud enhancements to the factory navigation.

V2V Technology

We've heard a lot about autonomous vehicles, but the technology isn't quite ready for prime time. V2V vehicle communication will be the bridge to autonomous driving. We explore this upcoming vehicle feature.

Episode 14:
All Things Jeep Edition

Who doesnt LOVE a Jeep? Seriously what a great American brand. Doug,Joel and Tyhler Review the History of Jeep plus discover some little known factoids ....all on ....this first ever Remote from Home Edition...

Episode 13:
2020 Spring Upgrades

Welcome to Season 2 of Infotainment Talk Radio, this is the first of a dozen Episodes to be released in 2020. Enjoy another frank discussion with Doug and Joel about infotainment.com's New Upgrades... including New Kits for FORD and GM and the New Body style trucks...

Season 1

Episode 12:
To Repair or To Replace

We cover some great tips for troubleshooting your vehicles infotainment system, if you are having issues. David Funk ON Air from navrepair.com to go deeper into offering insight about todays modern infotainment systems and how to properly troubleshoot any issues...

Episode 11:
Car Club Culture

Car clubs are an awesome American tradition: So this week we dig into the Origins of American Car clubs. It is Infotainment talk Radio You love vehicles we love vehicles.

Episode 10:
Senior Drivers

This week we review some information related to senior drivers, we discover that most 50-70 year olds are actually the very best drivers of all. Yet this topic can still be a sensitive one with some family members.
Doug and Joel review some facts and consider factory safety options that can help senior drivers.

Episode 9:
All Things Ford

Jesse Master Ford Tech for Infotainment.com sits in on the podcast this week and shares some insight into his background & more about his passion for infotainment systems. Ford is a Great American Brand but that does not come without mistakes. But from Mistakes you can get really great things...

Episode 8:
Road Trip Edition

Road trips are an American institution, so enjoy a Fun Episode with Joel,Doug and TY who share some stories, jam some music and offer some advice for your upcoming Family Road trip...Enjoy..

Episode 7:
Vehicle Software Updates

Many modern vehicles have over 30 Computers, so Doug and Joel offer an episode to share the best ways to learn more about your vehicles need for upgraded firmware.

Episode 6:
The Upgrades Are Coming

Doug and Tyhler share the Upcoming and much anticipated Upgrades being Released before the end of 2019 from Infotainment.com.

Episode 5:
Adding Value
to Your Vehicle

Doug and Joel discuss some smart ways to add value to your vehicle. Sharing articles from across the internet and reading an email for some advice.

Episode 4:
Teen Drivers

This is a short yet insightful edition all about Teen drivers. Doug and Joel offer some great insight on what to consider if you have a teen who is about to gain the privilege of driving.

Episode 3:
Buying a Vehicle

Tyhler sits in for Doug this week and we gain some serious insight into modern day auto buying. You can email the show with questions ITR@Infotainment.com

Episode 2:
Safety First Edition

Safety first on this edition Doug and Joel dive into the History of Safety Features in Automobiles so buckle up for another installment of Infotainment Talk Radio

Episode 1:
The History of
Vehicle Infotainment

Doug and Joel from infotainment.com cover the history of infotainment systems in automobiles from the early 1900's up to current Day.

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