UConnect 5 infotainment systems have rolled out with improvements.

UConnect 5 will be the Stellantis company’s next generation vehicle infotainment software. In fact, UConnect 5 driven systems have already been installed in Ram, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

The system promises to make using the in-vehicle infotainment system more convenient and usable—more like your mobile phone to be exact.

Here are 5 improvements made to UConnect 5 that consumers will notice and most likely love.

5X Faster Processor

Drivers will be pleased with the noticeable faster response time from their UConnect 5 system. Users can swipe between apps and screens almost instantaneously. Gone will be the delays waiting for screens to update or apps to load. When you start your vehicle, the boot time will be seconds not minutes.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Yes, you can finally cut the cord. UConnect 5 allows for the use of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Drivers will no longer be tethered to their vehicle via their phone charging chords. No need to find the right cable that will actually work. Drivers can put their phones some place convenient and out-of-the-way. Turns will be less stressful not having to worry about the phone sliding between the seat and the console.

Another great feature of the UConnect 5 CarPlay and Auto implementation, other system features, controls and apps can be accessed without closing CarPlay or Auto. You can check cameras, open apps or change vehicle configurations, click the close button and be back within CarPlay or Auto seamlessly.

Amazon Alexa Integration

The UConnect 5 integrates completely with Amazon Alexa. That integration provides almost complete voice control over the system and phone functionality. Drivers can send texts, make phone calls, get directions and even the weather, while keeping their attention focused on the road.

The Alexa functionality goes beyond just the vehicle itself, allowing owners to connect their smart home if so equipped.


With UConnect 5, each driver can set their own user profile. Radio settings, climate control and other features can be adjusted by simply selecting a profile when the system boots up. This feature will add convenience to vehicles shared by various members of a household.

The customization goes even further. UConnect 5 introduces a new feature called ‘Pages’. Pages are customized screens drivers can create with the vehicle touchscreen. Always want Waze and SiriusXM readily available? Customized screens allow you to configure multiple screens with the widgets you specify in a simple point and drag interface.

Now your vehicle infotainment system will function more like your mobile device.

Larger HD Touchscreens

UConnect 5 will make the world clearer for drivers with 10 and 12-inch touchscreens with higher resolution. While the 8.4-inch touchscreen doesn’t add size, it does provide an HD 720p signal. The 10.1 and 12.1-inch touchscreens will be full HD at 1920 x 1080 and a 16 x9 aspect ratio.

Coupled with digital cameras, your backup-cam will be crystal clear and you’ll be able to read street names on the maps.